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Dynamicroll Clean doors

BMP High Speed Fast Action Clean Room Door

Dynamicroll Clean rapid roll door

Dynamicroll Clean High-speed doors are self-repairing, meaning that if the door curtain comes out of their guides (for example, in the event of impact with a forklift) the system will automatically reset the curtain back into the guide on the next close cycle.

At up to 2.5 m/s they are an extremely fast and efficient flexible rapid door. Dynamicroll Clean columns are made from stainless steel. The motor is enclosed in the heading and comes as standard with a counter weight for emergency opening. Modular construction allows easy interchange of door parts, making it easier and cheaper to maintain, repair and update.

A self-repairing door provides many benefits and the Dynamicroll Clean door design is no different. It provides an innovative curtain edge design that firmly holds the curtain into the side guides. Should the door curtain receive an impact, the curtain will release from the side guide and automatically reset on the next door cycle. Because there are no metal parts within the curtain design, damage is kept to a minimum. A double ballasted bottom edge ensures that the vertical rolling door is always secure and that there is always a good seal to the floor.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2.5 m/s opening speed
  • 1 ph inverter drive control panels
  • Self repairing door curtain following impact
  • Canopy and motor cover included
  • 1700 g/m2 antistatic curtain
  • 2 rows of vision as standard
  • 1300 g/m2 curtain with 12 standard colours
  • Simple modular design
  • Counter weight as standard
  • Quick lead times
  • Proven reliable design
  • Air permeability <12m3/m2h – 50Pa

For further technical specifications please download the full specifications guide here.

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