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Rapid roll-up door

Chill Room Rapid roll-up door

Rapid roll-up door motorized to install for indoor use.

Recommended for zones of high traffic and needing rapid maneuvers. Installation in any industrial sector: agroalimentary, logistic, automobile, pharmaceutical... Certified door class 2, CE marked, supplied with all necessary safety elements.

Guides and lintel in anodized aluminum. Consoles, feet and screws in stainless steel. Quick installation and easy programming. High reliability. Low maintenance..


  • 0,9 m/s average opening speed
  • IP65 control panel
  • Lightcurtainassinglestandardsafetysystem
  • Self repairing curtain following impact (optional)
  • Canopy included (motor cover optional)
  • 900 g/m2 curtain with 8 standard colors
  • Frame and all covers are anodized aluminum as standard
  • Stainless steel frames and covers (optional)
  • Easyinstallation
  • Manual release handle as standard
  • Quick lead times (standard production time is 1 week)
  • Helps to reduce energy loss

For further technical specifications please download the full specifications guide here.

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