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Insulated Doors

Insulated Slam Face, Manual and Auto Sliding Doors, Plugs & Hatches.

All above insulated doors are manufactured with 100mm thick PIR core as standard (alternative core insulation types are available if required) The anodised aluminium door channel encapsulates the insulation material to maximise the structural strength.

All mitred corner sections have internal angle to the inside face to enable mechanical fixings to hold them together. The fixings are engineered rivnuts with stainless steel socket button screws holding the channel together.

Gaskets are held in place by the retaining insert and fixed with stainless steel domehead screws During the process of manufacturing, a galvanised steel plate is inserted into the panel behind the handle location, and foamed into position. The internal handle/push release is then secured through the panel to the galvanised steel plate with engineered rivnuts.

Additional Features

As with all of our doors, there are options on additional features:

  • 5-bar aluminium or stainless steel kick plates
  • Door Closers
  • Vision Panels (Chill or Ambient Locations - polycarbonate)
  • Fire exits
  • Redlan bolt system
  • Push pads
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